Project Runway Season 13 Episode 2 Recap

Project Runway Seasn 13 Episode 2 Recap Unconventional Movie Nite! In Season 13 Episode 2 of Project Runway titled Unconventional Movie Nite!, it was the unconventional challenge.. Everyone was taken aback that they chose to do this so early in the season.  Not only was it the unconventional challenge, but also a group challenge.  Everyone was put into groups of 3 to create 3 looks that are cohesive.  The items were to be taken from a movie theater.  [And the 5 minute scramble of mayhem to acquire items ensues..]. These are the groups: Team 1: Red Team Sandhya Garg Carrie Sleutskaya Hernan lander Team 2: Silver Team Kristine Guico Korina Emmerich Amanda Valentine Team 3: Green Team Samantha Plasencia Emily Payne Alexander Knox Team 4: Blue Team Angela Sum Fade Zu Grau Sean Kelly Team 5: Purple Team Mitchell Perry Char Glover Kini Zamora The two stand-out/memorable pieces, in my opinion, were a dress made of straw (Sean) and a dress made from discs (Mitchell). Before the top and bottom teams were announced Heidi made a point to mention that Team 4 could have won if Angela Sum’s dress were better and on par with the rest of the teams’. Top Team/Winner The top team was announced to be team 2. Winner was Amanda Valentine with this dress:

Amanda Valentine Season 13 Episode 2 Winning Dress

Amanda Valentine’s Winning Dress

Bottom Team/Who Goes Home The bottom team was announced to be Team 1 (remember that Sandhya Garg has immunity from the first episode..). Annnnnnnd.. Carrie was announced to be out.  This bums me out as I was excited to see more from her.. It was made clear that if Sandhya did not have immunity, that she would have been sent home instead.  I was kind of hoping Tim Gunn Would use his save but since we’re only 2 episodes in it makes sense that he wouldn’t yet.  Ah well.  Maybe she will come back in a future episode like Amanda?  :).

One random thing I did notice.. the spelling of her last name is different on her mannequin on the show than it is..

On the website, her name is spelled “Carrie Sleutskaya”:
carrie slutskaya in project runway uses different name spelling on mannequin spelled slutskaya
On the mannequin in the show, it’s spelled “Carrie Slutskaya”:

No big deal, but kind of random & & I’m just impressed with myself that I even noticed :D.

Duluth MN Photographer


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